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Table tennis forum search (ALL)

This search engine will search all the major table tennis forums, for the terms you type in.

The following forums are currently included (more on request):

  • Mytablennis.net

  • OOAK forums

  • Denis' TT World forum

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Search tips:
To search, select the sites you want to search from the left, an type in the keywords that you're looking for. You can use "+" in front of a word to indicate the words that MUST be contained in the results, and "-" to exclude any words. Use quotations to indicate the exact match of a phrase. For example you're looking for Butterfly Bryce Reviews, type in:

Butterfly +Bryce +Review -"for sale" -haggisv

This will find ALL results that contain BOTH "Bryce" and "Review", it will give the results that also contain "Butterfly" priority, but will NOT show any results that contain the phase "for sale"...so it should not list any retailer/sale site results. It will also not show any results from annoying member "haggisv".